No One Is Perfect

The first time I realized one of some things that is very important to me is when I was at my 2nd degree of Junior High School. That was when I listened to High School Musical’s soundtrack titled “We’re All In This Together”. I highlighted the “everyone is special in their own way, we make each other strong” part. It was a really good lyric to me at that time. Because I was the super perfectionist type of person back then, and when I listened to this song, it was such a deliverance to me, lol. You have to meet the old me so you’ll know that it’s tiring to be me and all my check-listed pieces towards situation and people–the time when I didn’t really realize that no one is perfect.

I disliked (yeah–dislike) mess. I can’t see a room or a table, or a place that is untidy, dirty, and yes, messy. When I was in elementary school, my school held The Best Class competition once a week. It’s not a kind of intellectual competition or something like that. It was about which one of all classrooms that is tidy and clean. They began their research when all the students had their break. So, before me and my classmates went out–you know, had our precious break time–we had to clean up our classroom first. The sad part is, it was finally only…me, fighting for my class. I tidied up all the tables and chairs, arranged the books, pens, pencils, erasers, everything, which were so messy on the tables–I don’t know how that could happen, but I wondered why my friends could leave all their belongings so messy like that. I swept the floor, and then went out for my two or three minutes of break. Actually, it was not a break cause hey, I could only breath during that time. Like, what to do when you’re doing your two minutes of break.

In short, my class won the best classroom ever, all the weeks, and we got such an appreciation at the end of the year. I was really happy and proud of myself, but not of my friends. They didn’t help me. I like to do things alone, but when it’s about a collective purpose, I expect initiative from any other members. And when it didn’t happen the way I expected, back then, I say back then, I could be the most silent person to them. I hate that kind of situation when all people cheering up for something they didn’t put any contribution to.

That was one example of how perfectionist I was and how it could make my class won the best classroom of the year. No tinniest detail I missed from doing that. I wanted my class to be perfect. I wanted all my friends to do the same things with me and it affected my mood and my attitude towards them when they didn’t do the things I expected.

I’d like to tell you guys my another perfectionism thingy but I bet you won’t hear it cause it’s kind of… freak, so I better stop.

But yeah, my perfectionist side grew up constantly until I listened to that song. Actually, not only that part, but also the whole lyric.

No one is perfect. It’s like the lamest quote we might have ever heard. But it’s true. You can’t find someone perfect on earth. For example, if you find a guy who can play all the music instruments, and you think it’s perfect, but you are wrong. He doesn’t like you, that makes him not perfect. LOL.

Ok sorry.

Yep, since all men have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, forget about perfect men or women, friends. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Hugh Jackman may have the best body ever or the best voice ever, but he also has weaknesses. Maybe he can’t play a recorder like me. Hm. Not significant I know. Bye.

But my point is, we, human, live in our sinned body in our sinned world. As long as we still face human too, we can’t expect anyone to be perfect. Yesterday I listened to Lisa Bevere’s preach in a church. She said that, “if you’re having a relationship now, or you’re a married couple right now, and you have the list of things that your man/woman has to change, forget it.” We can’t change people. We really cannot. If we want to see the good change from our partner, pray for them, and do our part wisely. Let them see God’s love through us.

Because what? For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son, to die on calvary’s tree from sin to set us free. And that’s what makes each of us special; He loves us first.

Because we’re the image of God. That’s what makes us special in our own way. Our imperfect selves are loved by the Creator. Nothing could be more wonderful than this.

And that’s how I learn to see the good in everyone. I am the one who is easily to point-out someone’s weaknesses, so I pray to God to humble myself under His mighty hand, and make me realize that me too, have many weaknesses. I need to see the good in everyone; that our Father creates us with no mistakes. We’re fearfully and wonderfully made. I don’t have to be bothered when something and someone doesn’t meet my so-called standard, because no one, nothing is perfect. All I can do is pray for it, do my part wisely. If it’s possible, let’s talk about each other’s expectation list, lol, in a mature way, in the love of God.

Because, no one is perfect, but everyone is special.

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