Lawyer's Life

God’s Gracious Plan

I keep telling myself that I’m walking in God’s gracious plan right now. Why is that? Because if it’s not, I’m sure I will lose hope.

I never thought that being a lawyer could be this interesting and challenging at the same time. I never thought that law was so beautiful. Honestly, being a four-year law student had not made sense to me yet. But I now begin to think that being a lawyer is a fit-in kind of profession to me.

Funny how this is going on, huh?

My reason to start loving being a lawyer is not about money. Nor about popularity. Or maybe about pride or something. I just feel that I am doing just right and fine there. I love working hours to hours in front of my computer, doing some researches, reading regulations and stuff, analyzing cases, writing legal opinions, laughing at people who love to beat around the bush talking lawless things, and so on. Lol.

Is it too late to fall in love with something you’ve been with these four years? I want to say yes, but it’s better to say no. Haha :’)

I don’t know what’s going on my body or my brain so that every morning I wake up I never mumble or grumble about this lawyer thingy. But one thing I know for sure is that God work within me. He makes me so enthusiastic to work. I am also amazed on how God open up my heart to pray for my office and all the lawyers inside it. My Father puts His mercy to my office and says it to my heart. I still remember too that the Holy Spirit told me to pray about the cases whom we all try to solve. I am not bragging nor boasting. I am just telling you the truth that happened to me. This is His gracious plan, not mine.

In short, I am sure God really have a great plan for me. Even though I am like the prophet Micah; looks inferior to this world I am in, God can work through me, to do His will, as long as I humble myself before Him and His mighty words. As long as I walk in His light. As long as I rely on Him alone. This is a wonderful promise on how my great God prepare this sinful and weak girl to do good works for Him.

Long way to go!


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