Day 1: In the Next Five Years

Hello, everyone!

Today I’ll start my 30 days writing challenge as you can see in the picture below:


I got this picture by typing “30 days writing challenge” on the Google’s keywords column and voila! This one was the most intriguing picture based on my own analysis: not too personal, and not too cheesy.

If any of you wonder why I do this thing again (I did it once in 2014 and it was fun), I want to tell you that I need to keep my brain awake and also need to preserve the excitement of being me-myself around. I feel “most me” when I write and I know it sounds a little too dramatic, but so what.

So, without further ado, let’s start the first day challenge!

In the next five years…

I think I have to put it in a context, like, what will I be in the next five years? 

No no, it sounds too self-judgmental.

How about, what I want to accomplish in the next five years? Nah, sounds better.

Speaking of accomplishing something, it is tightly related to my plans throughout these 5 years and I start to feel like I am showing you guys the very genuine wishes inside of my deepest heart. I don’t really like it because I prefer keeping personal stuff private to ‘bragging’ about it. But, a challenge is a challenge, and what I want to accomplish in the next five years are:

  1. TOEFL and IELTS test. I have never made one for sure. Every time I see my friends get their TOEFL/IELTS scores I always feel like “ah, I have to join a test too”, and every second after saying that in my head, I forgot I told that -_- I have never took any English courses too, which makes me a bit scared of taking a TOEFL/IELTS test. Now you know that I am a quite pessimistic one, huh. Or maybe, am I just lazy and enjoying myself hiding. None of that is good though. Don’t try this at home. But, I plan to take the TOEFL test in January next year, and simultaneously my IELTS test. Please take away the lazy monkey inside my mind, dear God. :’/
  2. I will be working for a year by this November in my current office and I think I have to fly higher (vomit everywhere) than this. No I mean, I am going to take another stepping stone in my career but I still don’t know when. There are a lot of things I feel hard to let go here though and whenever it is, I am sure I will still feel it hard.
  3. Honestly, I plan to take a master degree too and I am currently preparing the related stuff to it. It is not merely getting another degree but more about identifying any hidden potential (ehehe) I might have and consistently expanding it to be used for good purposes. Additionally, I plan this one to train my own global competitiveness by preparing it whether I will get it or not, at the end.
  4. I also want to serve in my bible study groups zealously. I have two active groups: first with my Septriana, Tria, and Abi, and the second with Pengurus PO FHUI 2014. The first group is likely to add the members, they are Elka, Anna, and Hilly. I told them to start our bible study next year because I want to make my group with Pengurus PO FHUI 2014 as my priority right now due to some reasons, including the regeneration period in PO FHUI. Lord have mercy on me~~~ :’
  5. I want to write a book. LOL. Is that even possible? I doubt it HAHA.
  6. Getting married? It is a bit scary, no? He-he-he. You have to know that my close friends are already married, half of them are constantly checking on wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dress, wedding ballroom, wedding cake, and another wedding thingy picture on the Instagram because they’re soon getting married. Meanwhile me here… writing a silly challenge like this and waiting for the upcoming Power Rangers movie patiently.
  7. Last but not least, I pray that I will be getting slimmer soon. LOL. I miss my 47-kgs body. Don’t. You. Dare. To. Laugh. At. This. Number. I told you.

So that’s all for my “in the next five years” challenge and I lean on God’s authority hands about all of them.

If it is God’s will, it will be accomplished. Let’s shout amen to that!

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