Day 3: Elephant in The Room 

It is not a really proper time for me to take this challenge because I am actually far away from home (I am typing on my phone), due to an event I am attending at Sentul. But I think I shouldn’t take it as an excuse to escape from today’s challenge because that’s not what a commitment means. So, let’s try!

Elephant in the room. 

I honestly couldn’t get what this one means when I read it at the first time. Then I used the power of Google and I finally found youuuu~ (singing, err sorry), and I finally found the meaning. Elephant in the room means something that people try to avoid to talk about, an obvious problem that people don’t want to talk about.

Personally, an elephant in the room is… I don’t know. In this super democratic country it is difficult to seek for a problem that people don’t want to talk about. Because sometimes we also invest our time to talk about the ants in the room. You get what I mean right?

But if we talk about something that people don’t want to talk about more deeply, I think it would be the absolute truth; does it exist or what?

People nowadays tend to consider that every idea is right and good and causes no harm to humanity. Those who said that there is no such thing as an absolute truth are the ones that are actually scared if the truth reveals itself to them and they have to accept it. That’s not what today’s generation wants to happen.

I think they are hiding in what-so-called relativism to keep themselves free to think everything in any ways possible. Long story short, they enjoy being the god on their own; refuse to be down of any authorities, refuse to be driven by one absolute truth, refuse to be taught. They simply want to be the god of their lives and that’s why people nowadays refuse to talk about this absolute truth more and more deeply.

It is not truth if it can only touch the surface, no? 

At least, that’s what I think right now.

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