Day 4: Mission Statement of My Life


I heard about “mission statement” last year when someone asked me to open a website and hear a recording about mission statement from a well-known apologetics, namely Ravi Zacharias. I didn’t understand too much about “mission statement”, its definition, the constituent factors, and others. But from that recording, I consider mission statement as something that will determine our actions in life; we will measure our behavior by that mission statement. When we set a mission statement in our lives, we will certainly think about something that probably bothers/refreshes us.

I was also asked to make my mission statement last year but I didn’t. I procrastinated and forgot about it. So, I think today’s challenge will be the answer.

My mission statement in life is: I want to be a mature woman who constantly learns to finally create something good for the people.*

*intentionally stop right there to prevent me from bragging.

What about you?



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