Day 5: You Should Do This Don’t

It is twenty minutes to twelve in the midnight and I actually have a thing to do, but I choose to write this one first. Thank God for the coffee I’d drunk so I am not too sleepy. Seems like I will sleep late.

Okay, so I wonder what today’s challenge means, precisely. Is it asking me to write the “should do” or “shouldn’t do?”

But then the light comes and…

You should do this:

  1. Don’t be a harsh person. Don’t make people feel bad just because you have to say something, do something, on your own. You shouldn’t be driven by your mood because it’s a thing that will always change.
  2. Don’t ever give up, thinking that you can’t overcome your insecurities about something. If you feel you always lose, don’t end up degrade your power and faith that you can win, also. I had this experience: one day at my elementary school, a new student came from Jakarta because he moved to my hometown. He was and is really smart, genius, I might add. I was an ambitious person back then and I felt like a competitor came to snatch my all-the-time-first-rank (what a boastful sentence–but it’s true), and he succeeded, once. I was so bad at handling losing and I thought I wouldn’t ever get the first rank anymore. But I still remember how I fought back and prayed to God to help me, and thank God I succeeded. Hm, sounds like I am saying this one to myself today.
  3. Don’t be a wishy-washy person. Don’t tell something you don’t mean, and vice-versa. If your heart wants to say A, say it. If it wants to say B, say it too. If it is confused whether to say A or B, tell that you’re confused. People are not shamans. You miss the function of communication by giving people your false hopes.
  4. Don’t do gossip. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people, someone said. But to me, it is more about focusing our minds to the things that matter, and avoid the ones which don’t. Gossiping won’t do you any good. It is like living mud which will drag you deeper and deeper every second you do gossip. Isn’t it scary?
  5. Don’t be afraid to aim higher. If you have your faith in the Trinity; Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, you will always be remembered that anything is possible in the name of God. Your portion is seeking and asking God.
  6. Don’t boast. Just, don’t. I am the one who clearly knows how danger it is.
  7. Don’t be afraid to let go of the things that are poisonous. God really loves you and will never give you a stone when you ask Him for a loaf of bread. Believe me, God’s plan is the best.
  8. Don’t hate. It gives you stressful thoughts. It absorbs your energy and turn it to negative thinking.
  9. Don’t talk behind people’s back, you better massage them. If you have something to say to someone, avoid social medias that will attract you to make overrated no-mention posts about them, because it’s pointless, no? Ask them out, whether or not they have time to talk, and say it directly in front of them. I think we all can do this.
  10. Don’t be a copycat, instead, find your own tone, and be consistent about it.

You know what, I purposely list them above according to my life time-line since I was in an elementary school until today. I may add some more, but I think those are enough.

See you tomorrow!

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