Day 9: Three Things Standing In My Way

It’s gonna be a quick post because I must prepare something else. 

Three things standing in my way (to contentment, I would say) are:

  1. Overlooking the present. At the hardest moment, I tend to ‘force’ things to happen the way I want and when it doesn’t, I am blurred to see today’s gift. I feel it increases my anxiety and raises negative thoughts in my head.
  2. Comparing myself to others. An article at Huffington Post said that when matching ourselves against others constantly, we run the risk of harming our wellbeing. Comparison often includes judging. If the result turns out unfavorable for us, it’s easy to think of ourselves as a failure. On top, we tend to measure our life against an unattainable ideal, and by that, we diminish our true contentment.
  3. Reluctantly admit my own mistakes. I am a kind of perfectionist one, and it often makes me think I have already done good jobs. But when things don’t go my way, I mumble and grumble and try to seek outer factors, while the most important to check lies inside of me.

Actually, I want to say that I am the one who stands in my own way to contentment and those three points describe it well.

Moral value: don’t stand, just sit. 

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