Day 11: An Ode

Hello everyone, welcome back to my challenge!

Today I am going to do a super romantic writing to accomplish today’s challenge. You know, I am not a romantic kind of person, I am more about a super fun person (lol just kidding), but I will try to make an ode to…



Is it okay or what?

Okay, thank you.

Ode to Mango

Mango, o mango,

who would have thought that you would be so tantalizing?

like the brightness of the sun that opens the hearts to hope

You always seemed so calm, not knowing that many who secretly admire

staring intently, trying hard to control themselves, smiling from ear to ear

You, tiny creature, so appealing

your taste also beats the sweetness of human’s promises (…)

You do better than us tho and to be with you is all that I need

Mango, oh mango,

Please always be multiplied

So you’ll be more affordable. (Lah malah curhat).

Mango, my love.


*what did I do there?

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