Day 12: So I Could Feel Grown Up, I

Hi everyone! (lol I keep saying “everyone” like I have thousands of readers or I am a super famous blogger, but yeah, I don’t care~)

I want to say sorry to myself again, I am not sure whether you need my sorry or not, because I skipped my day-12 challenge due to this sleepyhead kind of person.

Day-12: So I Could Feel Grown Up, I, let’s jump right in!

Sehingga aku bisa merasa telah dewasa, aku… (is that how it means in Bahasa Indonesia?)

If you nod your head, here is my story.

I was born as a first child in my family. I have a sister and a brother. My parents treat us differently. As the eldest one, I have to bear bigger responsibilities than my siblings, even when I was still so much tiny, like, when I was a 7 year-old species.

So I kept thinking I was a grown-up, in kid’s world. -_-

I also loved to watch telenovelas which now I think it’s not suitable for a child at my age. I watched almost every telenovela that was aired in Indonesia and also some telenovelas that wasn’t. I watched them online, at Freak. An elementary student like me did that. Freak.

But that’s true.

I fed my brain and heart with adult stuff and somehow it turned out I often thought one level ahead than my friends at my age. You get what I mean, right?

It didn’t stop right there. It affected my behavior too.

A little Elisabeth at the past did this:

So I could feel grown up, I dressed like an adult, took my mom’s bag, went out with a car key in my hand, starting my dad’s car, planned to go somewhere, like a grown-up. 

That happened to me. I did that kind of stupid thing when I was probably eight years old. I can’t believe it.

I really wanted to act like a grown-up back then because I thought it was cool. You know, being very responsible on your own, get your stuff done pretty elegant, wear nice clothes and beautiful shoes, and don’t forget, this was my favorite part, to have a color on your lips…

I only looked the superficial things until I know that a grown-up is so much more than that.

Adulthood and growing-up is different. You could be an adult, but not growing-up (read more at

Thank you for reading!

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