Day 13: It Was All A Dream

The first thing that came up in my mind when I read today’s challenge was a song from Nelly titled Just A Dream until I realize it’s not the same.

Uhm, by the way, that song is a quite sad song because it tells us a story of a man, wishing her lover to come back while she is already with someone else. He’s thinking about her, thinking about himself, thinking about them, and what they’re gonna be, but it was only just a dream. I first heard it in 2012 I guess, and it had been one of my favorite songs back then, like, really. This song is a sad song you could sing not that sadly.

Now I want to tell you my story about something but it was all a dream. 

I am standing alone in a ship, a big ship, a personal ship I might add, that I don’t know from whom I got it. I am wearing a close-fitting strapless white mini dress, so comfortable. I am breathlessly gazing at the blue sea. I am really mesmerized, hypnotized, drifted by its stormy yet beautiful appearance, that heals all my worries.

I saw the most handsome guy at my school, wearing his white suits, slowly walking towards me.

He smiles widely as he stands in front of me.

I smile too, like, it’s beautiful, can you see that?

Then I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and open my eyes again.

It was all a dream. 


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