Day 14: Share A Tip

I am going to share you all a tip about a romantic relationship.

Once you decided to start a relationship–a mature one of course–with someone, the thing you should put in your head is: you’re entering a different stage of life; a brand new world.

It is not the same phase you could ever imagine before. A lot of differences will show themselves up, little by little, every single moment. It will surprise you indeed. Your first impressions about that someone will be shaken off as time goes by.

You start thinking, “oh no he/she is actually like this and why I don’t ever realize it?” You question their behavior. They sometimes hurt you. They simply can’t fit in your detailed idea of a perfect one. Result, you start talking to yourself, whether or not you have made a right decision by dating him/her.

It happens a lot in lots of relationships out there. It is normal, and should have been like that. You just can’t close your eyes from that kind of possibility. Instead, you prepare it because hey, you are not him/her and they are not you. We are totally different. We can’t expect someone to absolutely be exactly what we want them to be, all at once. We are not dating our idea of lover, we are dating a human being and it creates a huge difference on how we maintain our relationship.

But love conquers all.

I always imagine love as a multitasking ‘tool’ from God to teach me how to deal with my life, especially in my relationship because love never fails, that’s I always remember.

So, the tip is: love, no matter what, and remember, love is a friend of truth and it doesn’t mean compromising.

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