Day 15: Online Friends You Want to Meet

My friend said that one thing that made her excited about my 30 days challenge is the fact that I have to write today’s challenge and I wonder why.

I am a quite reserved person. I hang out a lot, but with my best of the best friends only. I don’t just join a group or an event to just mingle with everyone. I am also not the one who will start chit-chatting unless I have something important to ask. Speaking of online friends, it’s a bit ridiculous because I don’t really like making friends online hehehe that’s how I am.

But I love to talk. It looks a bit like dualism now, huh?

Okay, enough.

I have online friends I want to meet tho. They are:

  • Siti Kamila Najah (Mila), my friendster friend.
  • Rifqoh Nurbaety, my friendster friend.
  • Silvyana Haraningsih, my facebook friend.
  • Anengtyas Purnamasari (Inez), my friendster and facebook friend. (I think she is the best)
  • Fernanda Sarriac, my twitter friend.

I think that’s all I could remember. I had a quite close online friendship with them but we never meet. I had arranged some meetings with Mila and Inez but it all failed. It is a bit funny how we connect each other and even being friends, but I think it’s amazing too. May God bless them in every step they take!

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