Day 19: You’d Never Believe This

I feel like I was really impulsive when I started this challenge because I didn’t think that I would be so busy days after. I am struggling much to write every single day. It’s not likely to happen two years ago when I took similar challenge. I think, am I playing with my life or what.

But let’s just jump to today’s challenge: you’d never believe this.

Hm… what should I write, really… I don’t have so much things hidden so people would never believe that, I am an open book, ha, not really.

Have I ever said at any stage of my life that I was a really annoying person when it comes to perfection? I don’t feel proud of that but it’s just so memorable I can’t even.

I was hard to please. I was hard to feel satisfied about what I do, what others people do, and something like that. I often ended up taking over the things because I didn’t trust my friends doing that. Maybe I was thinking I am such a savior in my own life.

Uhm I also held grudge over a group of people who underestimated me, my group, and my school in a junior high school academic quiz. My pride was hurt. I was mad lol.

Then I took a diary once I was home, I wrote a grudge statement and prayed to God if He’d ever let me show them that I was better than them. Pathetic.

You’d never believe this, but I really prayed like this, “God, let me be in the same high school with Grace Paskah (that group’s leader), so I can beat her.”

And you know what?

I’d never thought God would answer my prayer and made me a classmate’s of Grace Paskah and turned out her, being my best friend. :’)

I think that’s all I can tell. I really miss her.



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