Day 21: 5 Lessons I Learned From

Ha, I almost re-press my old post about bean sprouts in Lesson from Bean Sprouts because I am too lazy to make a new post about learning something, to accomplish today’s challenge. But I don’t want to cheat because cheating is not cool.

So today, I want to write 5 lessons I learned from being a captain in my previous project at my office, the one I said related to Day 18 Challenge you can read here.

  1. Total. This is not something like a grocery shop you may think, this is about putting a total commitment, total attention, total care, and total research once you are chosen to be a leader. Many leaders nowadays don’t have those qualities because they think they can just delegate every task to their people. A leader sure has to delegate tasks, but it doesn’t mean you don’t research, don’t follow-up, don’t check what others do to that project.
  2. Responsible. Not only in abstract meaning of that, but also, responsible in emails, chats, phone calls, and even direct meeting. No matter how young you are, and how old your clients. *crying
  3. Assertive. Your clients and other supporting professionals in your team have their own opinions, their own reactions toward the project and its progress. You don’t follow one, you have to make one, and elaborate them to others. When it’s wrong, say it, when it’s forbidden, say it, when it’s not law fit, say it.
  4. Smile. You are more beautiful when you smile. A professional needs it.
  5. Helpful. You are not working alone and for your own good. You are in a team. In order to get the effective letter, you and other supporting professionals must work hand-in-hand to finish the project. When other professionals need data, documents, or maybe a friend to share (err), try to provide them with your best effort.

Yap, they are done and look at that! What an abbreviation!

Total Responsible Assertive Smile Helpful.



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