Day 23: I Thought About It

Gift is a form of love.

When I thought about love, I found it hard to understand. What is that? Is that something very far to reach? Or maybe, is that too abstract to understand?

I know exactly what love is when I realize, I acknowledge my mistakes, my stubbornness, my weakness, yet, I’m still forgiven. That’s when my Lord Jesus Christ, the gift from my Father, was crucified, in order to forgive me. Wow, can you imagine that? How could someone who wants to forgive, is the similar person who sacrificed his life?

The world gives us ideas that who wants to be forgiven has to do something more and more according to the Forgiver’s wants. But, not with my Lord. He is different. He is super kind. He is love.

I thought about it and always think about it.

The same way goes to these people, those who knows me well, I could say. They know I am not that good, I have many weaknesses, I sometimes forget them, I sometimes can’t maintain my communication with them. But they still show me how they love me. I know it well, they love me with the love of Jesus Christ. They pass it on, to me.

They are so kind, and they make me cry now. This kind of thing is always sentimental to me; how someone proves that you’re in their heart, you are their friend.

Those gifts cost them some Rupiahs and I know it’s not that easy to spend your money to buy things for others. But I know it’s very considerable to do for your friends.

I thought about it and always think about it. I really love them and now I feel sad to remember I am not such a care friend anymore, especially to Xaris, due to my business whatsoever.

But I pray that they will always be in God’s care, forever.

A thank you is not enough, I think. 

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