Day 26: How To

Today’s challenge makes me think hard of what I should write. Anyway I’d just received a call from someone unknown and he asked me where I live now. I was annoyed because it’s not the first time he did it. I blocked his number and I felt relieved.

Can it be my answer to today’s “how to” challenge in dealing with strangers? Hehe.

Hm, ok.

My emotion goes upside down recently due to the office pressure.

I am bad at handling order from someone (in my experience) I consider disrespectful. 

My inner ego will spontaneously reject it. I feel like, “who are you to ask me do this and that, with your kind of attitude?” I always think like this and I know it’s a sign of arrogance.

I struggle with this every day, every morning when I prepare going to work, or every night when I rethink what I have done the entire day. The result is quite the same, no significance difference. I am still stuck.

So today’s challenge will be my real-time thoughts on how to handle order from “disrespectful” people in your office.

First, throw that “disrespectful” title from him/her. You can’t just consider someone respectful/not by your limited experience with them. Moreover, you are no better than them. I also remember that instead of being motivated by selfish ambition or vanity, each of us should, in humility, be moved to treat one another as more important than ourselves. How could we treat others as more important than us, while we think they’re disrespectful? It won’t work. Humility, in this fact, is trained.

Second, receive that order because you know you are going to show how God’s child works; you are going to honor God through that order. But when you are asked to do this and that, criticizing is still important. You have to know any details of that order, what they ask to do, why it should be given to you, when you have to finish it, where to find the data to accomplish it, and how you and them will work hand-in-hand to do it. Don’t just receive it and say you’ll do that. Don’t just nod your head and let irresponsible people eat blind salary. -_-

In any kind of possibility, be ‘sober’ so you can change what is wrong there. You know what I mean, right?

Third, after receiving that order, be responsible to your own work. Finish it with the (very) best you could do because you know your Master has given you talents and you are responsible to work on them.

Fourth, a praying employee is the most satisfied employee, no matter how the situation is. Praying reminds us to keep humble and grateful. So, you will be able to do those three how-to.

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