Day 30: Commitment to Self

This is the last day of my tempting 30-day challenge and I promise I will save the best for last. I know I failed to post it daily, but thank God, I acknowledge my ‘limit’ now. But, these past 30 days have taught me much about commitment.

I won’t commit to something without really thinking about it. 

I am actually scared of being committed, but commitment is what helps people grow too, so I learn to make some and try to stay committed.

As a reminder to myself, I write them down here:

  1. I commit to keep my relationship with God faithfully. I commit to Saat Teduh in the morning before doing my make-up. I commit like this to prevent me from being so focused with my outer appearence and forget that the true beauty lies within me on how my heart connects with its Creator. I commit to start my morning routine with a prayer, not only for myself, but for others. I know that Satan always tries to disturb me and change my focus, but now, beware, my eyes on God. I commit to end my day with a prayer too, to simply give thanks to God and lay my night upon Him and His angels.
  2. I commit to keep my relationship with Gohan faithfully. Ah, I already smile. :’) I commit to stop thinking about my past yet keep the lessons near my heart. I commit to love him with the love of God. I commit to fight for a peaceful relationship with him. I commit to pray for him every single day to tell God how I want Him to protect him, to tell God how I love him, how grateful I am now. I commit to be a better version of me day by day.
  3. I commit to keep my relationship with my family faithfully. I really miss my mom, dad, sister, and brother. My brother just said that he misses me and my sister because we’re far away from home. I commit to maintain my communication with them, although my sister seems so late-response nowadays :/ I commit to pray for them every morning before going to work.
  4. I commit to use my money well. I commit not to buy things I don’t need, or things that are not my priorities, or those so not important make-up and skincare thingy. I commit to stick to what I have today, enough with that, and use it well. I commit not to feed my desire to buy this and that.
  5. I commit to keep me eating healthy food. I commit not to eat mie instan in any form of that anymore. I commit not to eat any MSG-ful chips again. I commit to lessen my consumption of fabric-produced food/drink. I commit to eat red-rice and vegetables more, and lessen my consumption of meat. BUT AYAM PENYET KANTIN BUMIPUTERA ENAK BANGET TONGSENGNYA JUGA TERUS AKU HARUS APA. Crying.
  6. I commit to keep any updates I make remain posted. I commit to stop deleting updates because my friends keep asking me why I delete this and that and they begin to guess the reasons, meanwhile the truest thing is: I just love deleting old posts. It’s like sweeping your house or cleaning your bedroom. Just want to tidying up some stuff, I say. But nobody accepts that and keeps saying that I delete posts because I’m afraid of being stalked. I thought about it once, but that’s not why I delete posts. Err, am I unusual or what.
  7. I commit to be a reminder of my own happiness as well. Because no one would do that more intentionally than you, yourself. Life is hard, yet you have to get ready and happy.

I think that’s all I could say to accomplish this last challenge. I have started to feel how hard it is to stay committed to what I have wrote above, but let’s try and stay.

Special thanks to:

My fingers, eyes, and brain, you have worked hard, dudes.

My laptop and WordPress application on my phone. 

You, who accidentally or not, come to this page.

To make it easier, you can check to read the entire challenge from day-1 to 30.

I am sorry if I have been too funny and you couldn’t resist that. Hehe.

Thank you!


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