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I’m just chilling in my room, planned to do more prioritized tasks than sitting in front of my laptop and typing here. Yep, I failed to be a bit productive today. But anyway, I really want to say something through this post. For over 1 month, I’ve already been consistently observing my blog’s statistics and found some viewers from outside of Indonesia. This is not my point but, finding viewers from Canada, regularly visit my blog since May until now, makes me like… I want to say HELLO to you (whoever you are!) *insert happy emojis here

I have no clue why did you come here, or how, especially, do you even understand what I post here since I post in probably a different language from you. Or, are you maybe Indonesians? Hahaha!

I honestly feel glad if I know there are people out there who choose to (by any reason–even accidentally and coincidentally) view my page. It’s like having people to welcome, to share your thought, experience, and your encouragement, that probably will lighten their days up.

Or, challenge their own :3

I hope you all enjoy reading my mind which I choose to throw here (because it rarely happens). Please let me know in any comment section of my posts, who you are so we can get engaged a lil bit. Of course, I’d like to know your thought and experience too according to that post.

Also, please welcome, my new series on blog: #250WordsToday

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