Not Bewilderment

I don’t know how it feels to be crucified on a cross. Yet I know that it was the worst form of executing and I feel terribly sad. My Lord was accused of being a criminal by the real criminals. I can’t hold my tears. But, the torment of Him, though being anticipated by him at the garden Gethsemane, which was the way He had to go through, fulfilling His purpose on coming down to this earth, really inconceivable.

What then happened? The curtain between the Holy Place and the Most Holy place was torn in two. At the same time, earthquake. God’s wrath and His love for the world He created was shown. He offers forgiveness to the world by forsaking his only Son on that gloomy Friday.

Did my Lord die just to make me cry this time?

Did my Lord die just to make me realise no other love like that?


My Lord died for me to come into the fellowship with God the Father, to embrace the plan He has for me eternally.

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