National Training Event 2018


I wanted to post this picture to my Instagram feed, thought it was really beautiful and yeah quite fancy but I didn’t. Because I want to keep this ‘excitement’ just for me and that means, I am the one & only human being who knows what’s behind these pictures (and many more pictures in my gallery).

First of all, this is not a holiday for me. I was attending a training for student ministry in Australia located in Canberra, specifically in Exhibition Park in Canberra, or EPIC. And yes that’s superbly epic to be one of more than 2000 participants in this training. Second, I think some people think this was for free and I just need to get my bags off and, voila! This is Australia. No, it wasn’t. Me & my friends do fundraising and use our own (little) money because we’re not going to Bogor. Third, it’s not full exciting experiences I had there actually, to be honest, some are sad and on some nights my heart screamed “I want to go homeeee!” I still remember those days in Clovelly. Oh and that screaming happened in Randwick Avenue Apartment by the way.

But, I still want to thank God for this opportunity. You know guys, there was a lot of things happened that made me feel like it’s not going to happen. Even right before our departure, I left my phone in online car transportation, overweighed baggage, late check-in, but He made it through. I also thank God for speaking to me in every kind of situation there. I went with questions and thankfully go back with answers. I have faith that this training will help me much here in Indonesia.


Missing Macquarie and Epping so much.

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