Thank God It’s Monday

Thanking God in this Monday for speaking to my heart.

Firstly from the live-experience this morning when I wanted to buy my breakfast. I was tempted to use online application just because it offered me discount. The problem is, if I was about to buy breakfast online because I ran out of cash money, I could only think about junk-food, like the Big Mac one or the Big Breakfast. Uh-huh, I knew it, I knew it. And, it surely would be more expensive than buying some at Warteg nearby.

I only had 12.000 rupiahs in my pocket. What could I buy with this money?

But I remembered the coins! LOL I have so many coins in my other little pocket for coins and I can even buy Big Mac with those coins but no. So I decided not to buy any junk-food or firstly not using that online application that will exceed my ‘instant’ habit and not testing my patience. I started to take some coins I might need and went out finding breakfast. Turned out, that breakfast worth only 12.000 rupiahs. -_-

God provides indeed. I even still have my coins. Hahahaha.

And the second is from today’s devotional from Jeremiah 9:23-26. From these verses I know that God to whom my praise and devotion go, the God I serve in Jesus name, is the God who indeed exercises kindness, justice, and righteousness. For in these He delights. So if I have any doubt of Him just because I look at my situation that maybe doesn’t look like there is no kindness, justice, or righteousness, that’s not His fault. That’s my limit or my ignorance of not knowing who He says He is.

Therefore, saying that I serve the Lord as such should make me also inherit the attitude of His heart towards what He delights. I must be a servant who delights in goodness, justice and truth. I must hate crime, injustice, and lies. If I am numb about these things, there is something wrong with my understanding of what God has revealed in His word.

Through this contemplation, I am also more convinced of who I am before God. I’m not someone who should boast in my wisdom, in my intelligence, especially in my wealth, because to be honest I’m not rich, friends. Those are not the first ones God delights in, compared to the understanding of Himself. No matter how wise and smart someone is, if she/he doesn’t live a life that pursues God & the understanding of Him in His word, it’s a ‘no’.

This is what makes me love serving students. So that they are not only wise and clever in sciences, but more importantly, they know God, the true and living God, in Jesus name, and that inspires how they use their wisdom and intelligence in this life.

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