To Those I Don’t Deserve

My heart can’t handle its joy whenever I remember those days as they’re vividly shining to brighten my days–whenever I remember us. I don’t know how meaningful is our meeting to each of you, but to me it’s one of the heart-warming encounters to ever happened in my life.

I’m pretty sure as we’re growing older now, haha, and as time goes by, habits change, priorities vary, it’s hard now to even identify if we’re still that close to each other or not. Yes, some change is inevitable. Maybe it has to happen to mold us through its unique ways. But I believe that our path crossed for our good. And I know it’s true.

I still cherish what kind of friendship we had back then, everything at its finest and truest form. In fact, I’m grateful that we happen with every ‘story’ 🙂 that follows.

Thank you for being there, and here as the first ones to greet me at my 27th birthday. It is special and unforgettable. May God really shower us with His abundant grace and love whatever challenges we face right now. I believe He will.

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