One day a little boy came to me and asked, “Miss, if I am not grateful for this life, is that a sin? Why? In fact, I did not ask to be born into this world.”

I was stunned by his question.

What happened in his life so he asked that?

Could it be because he doesn’t like his life?

If I’m the one asking that, what situations would prompt me to ask that question? I think the reason might be that I just didn’t like what happened in this life–mine and what happened around me. Or it might happen if I feel that I don’t need life. Just like when someone gives you something and you are not grateful for it, most likely it’s because you don’t like the gift, or you don’t feel like you need it right now.

But, it could also be….because you don’t like the person who gave it.

You probably know the person and still be ungrateful for the gift unless you really like the fact that he is the giver. Even if the gift is not something you like and need right in the moment, I think you will still be grateful and happy for the gift if you like the giver.

Think about your crush, giving you 1 pound of garlic on a sunny afternoon…


So, if I’m not grateful for a life in which I insist that I didn’t ask to be born, then, I think the main reason (probably) is that I don’t like the parents who gave birth to me and raised me–and more than that, I don’t like the real Life-Giver.

And, if this is the case, is that a sin?

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