We love to stay away from troubles

As clear as the title, as easy as we nod.

But, who doesn’t? I think none in this world consciously loves troubles and even plans some things just to welcome troubles into their lives. We’re not here to clear up the mess, or think hard what have we done to get such unwanted miseries in this life.

None of our journal books is worthy of those thoughts tidying up sentences. We prefer gratitude list to why, why, and why, question marks.

No wonder most of our technology development goal is focused on making our lives easier. We love anything instant. We demand everything to come fast, faster. We are always in a rush, thinking that the earlier, the better. Or, it’s better late than never.

We define easy lives by how much we can do in a day. It means that all things seem to work alongside us and our timeline and so we like it. A late response chat would be so bothering to us because we become more sensitive and easily irritated by everything.

But, truth has to be spoken. It ain’t life if no troubles. It is either graveyard or heaven.

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