27; it was what it was.

This is a conversation I start with myself,

Cuz I got no one right now, oh well


Looking back, I feel like I’m ready to mock and pity myself so much. Not that I hate her, but I’m just excited enough to wake her up.

Days, even months passed away, no good memories to stay.

Ain’t I living myself to the fullest? Or is it just impossible? Why am I having regrets?

Who told you to be stressed out if some things just wouldn’t happen? Who forced you to figure out everything and scared of discovering mysteries in the end?

It was what it was. It was black, it was white. Somewhen grey, somewhere you stop calling it by its color. Because why should you?

It was just what it was.

It was as okay as it could be.


The journey from 25-27 was rough, right? But maybe it was meant to remind you the beauty of being in a journey. You might find ways, you might get lost just as soon as you feel it’s gonna be alright.

You felt too deep, they said. You thought too much, you said. So what? There are times you didn’t even want to do anything, just sleeping.

It was what it was. As okay as it could be.

You are not bound to any of this world’s should haves or should have nots.

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