Noble Character; Worth Far More than Rubies

How many  women are there in this world who want to get the best partner for their lives? You, who are reading this one, are you one of them? If you are, raise your hand. Then I will ask you again, how many of you who have raised your hand, realize that if you want to get the best partner, you have to try to be the best kind of partner too? Ah, I see. This writing is for the one that raised her hand to those two questions, actually. If you didn’t, you know what to do. *kind of sarcastic, huh?* *sorry, I’m just kidding*

You know what, talking about ‘noble character’, it’s not trained, as in being trained we might view. It’s the fruit of the Holy Spirit. So, I will firmly say, it’s the basic needs for us, as Christian women to have a good relationship with our Father; to get along with His words through the Bible and prayer. Also, to always find time to self-reflection, to recognize ourselves, to know how far we’re going, and to evaluate ourselves. Do find time to pray for, your, our, faithfulness towards Him. Not in the motive that we want to gain something more from Him, but a realization that we’re only nothing without Him.

So, what I am going to write below is the fruit of things above. Because, it’s only by His grace if we, Christian women, are able to be called ‘wise woman, with noble character’, for wisdom comes from Him alone.

Let’s see them one by one!

Proverbs 31:11

“Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value

A wise woman, based on this verse, will always make her husband feel that kind of confidence, full confidence. He will also lack nothing of value when he find this kind of woman. What does it mean?

First, we talk about confidence. Oxford Dictionary gives two meanings of confidence:

  1. The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something
  2. The telling of private matters or secrets with mutual trust
The word “confidence” was known at the late 16th century: from French confident(e), from Italian confidente, from Latin confident- ‘having full trust’, from the verb confidere, from con- (expressing intensive force) + fidere ‘trust’.

I see the basic truth here, it’s trust. So, a man who finds this kind of wise woman is the one that fully trusts in her. He relies on her to the fullest. How can this happen? I think it’s because he has already known and recognized her for a very long time. It’s not just a mere feeling or temporary emotion. He spends time with her. He has confidence in her not because of people said so, but he experienced the truth.

The confidence we talk in this writing is performed in all aspects of (specifically) his husband’s life, so that this verse uses the word “full” there. Confidence itself means trust, and now with the word “full”, we know how deep his trust is.

He lacks nothing of value. Then the writer moves to another thing. The word value here means so much about monetary and money thingy, according to the Oxford Dictionary. In another translation too, it’s called “lacks of profit”. I think it is because the over-desire of money is the root of every devil behavior, and imagine if this happens in a marriage, God’s-partnership-building. So, a wise woman is the one that is able to take control of their income, wise to use the money, has a good plan of spending money, and also knows how to save; not overspend, so that his husband will lack nothing of value.

One commentator interpreted it in this way, “. . . the [excellent] wife keeps the family possessions scrupulously together, and increases them by her laborious and prudent management, so that there is not wanting to him [her husband] gain.” I am amazed at those bold words I made. I know they have a deep meaning itself and need a long process to come up in one’s life.

So that is the first thing of a wise woman’s noble character; worth far more than rubies. How about ourselves?

Look, a wise woman use her money wisely. It’s the beginning. How can we manage our family assets with our disorganized management of our own?