Goblin finale episode finally out, every buddy!

This drama captured my heart at its very first episode (it didn’t happen often to me) and always made me curious about what next. It also carried my feeling to what it tried to show–sadness, happiness, sorrow, or anything in between. I think that’s a sign of a good masterpiece could do.

I nominate this drama as the best Korean drama of all time (when I don’t even watch many Korean Dramas–but I bet you’ll agree with me). I like how it taught me about cherishing life and also about loving the ones you love, truly. Families, friends, lovers, everyone.

It has good original soundtracks too; Goblin is perfect–nah I think I was blinded by how I love this one so much–but whatever. I’d rather be blinded after all.

The ending tho, brought me in tears, but for a good reason. It was a happy ending, I mean the happiest ending that could ever happen to the Goblin & his bride.

Definitely will rewatch this, some time.

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